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Why Our Eyelashes Have Different Lengths And Different Prices ?

Why Our Eyelashes Have Different Lengths And Different Prices ?

We are a professional Eyelash Vendors. Our eyelashes are all made from the tail hair of Siberian mink, because only this part of the hair is closest to the structure of human eyelashes. The roots of the eyelashes are thicker and the tails of the eyelashes are thinner. Very soft and fluffy. It is very comfortable to wear. All our eyelashes are made by hand, and have been sterilized. There will be no allergies at all. Even sensitive skin will not have allergic symptoms, so there is no need to worry. In addition, our eyelash bands are made of cotton, which is very environmentally friendly and can be reused 15-20 times.

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Our eyelashes are divided into 16mm 20mm 22mm 25mm Lashes. Our eyelashes are all different prices. This is because different lengths of eyelashes require different raw materials and different production methods. The craftsmanship in the production process is also different. Compared with dramatic styles, natural style eyelashes are easier to make, so the price will be cheaper. Therefore, we generally recommend people who start the eyelash business for the first time to choose natural style eyelashes, which are not only cheaper, but also suitable for a wider audience.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging

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Lashes Vendors

Generally, dramatic eyelash styles are more curled than natural styles. Therefore, it takes longer for the Lash Vendors to process the eyelashes because of the need for high temperature styling. And long eyelashes generally need to be more fluffy than natural styles and use more raw materials. So if you are an already established eyelash business, it is recommended to add dramatic eyelash styles. Now more and more people are choosing dramatic eyelash styles. The dramatic eyelashes are also very cute and very beautiful. Putting it in a Custom Eyelash Packaging is also more attractive.

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Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

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Custom Eyelash Packaging USA

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