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Why Choose Mink Eyelashes Instead Of Silk Eyelashes ?

Why Choose Mink Eyelashes Instead Of Silk Eyelashes ?

As a professional mink Eyelash Vendors, you are reminded that mink eyelashes are more popular than silk eyelashes, because usually mink eyelashes are softer than silk eyelashes and are closer to the structure of human eyelashes. The silk eyelashes are artificially synthesized, contain chemicals, and have a relatively short lifespan. And high-quality Wholesale Mink Lashes can be used 15-20 times.

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Lash Vendors

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Mink eyelashes are more marketable. Most people like mink eyelashes, and the selling price of mink eyelashes is high and the profit margin is relatively high. However, Mink Lashes Wholesale are also divided into grades. The raw material of the highest grade mink eyelashes is the hair of the mink tail. The materials are very scarce and precious.

Lash Vendor

Lash Vendor

Custom Eyelash Packaging USA

Custom Eyelash Packaging USA

Now that e-commerce is so popular,  everyone knows what is the good products and the bad products.The products that really make money are always quality products.Beauty is the pursuit of consumers after satisfying their living standards. The beauty is the ultimate. what else does it paint if the beauty is not the ultimate, unnatural, and imperfect, ? Isn’t it better to not make up? This is the current deviation between vendors and consumers, which is the source of you loss your customers.

eyelash packaging

Eyelash Packaging

eyelash packaging box

Eyelash Packaging Box

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