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What Characteristics Should A Good Eyelash Vendor Have?

What Characteristics Should A Good Eyelash Vendor Have?

High quality products

An excellent Mink Lash Vendors must provide high-quality products, which means that the raw materials used must be excellent. Our eyelashes are made of real mink hair. When the mink is two years old, its hair can be used to make 16 mm eyelashes. When the mink is three years old, its hair can be used to make 20 mm and 22 mm mink eyelashes. When the mink is five years old, it can be used to make 25 mm eyelashes. But we use the best part of the mink’s naturally shedding eyelashes.So our eyelashes are not only cruel free but also the best quality.

Excellent customer service

Customer is God, so we as a Lash Vendors to give customers the best service, heart to heart, in order to get a good return. We should take every issue to customers seriously. We want to impress customers with sincerity. Only with good service can customers remember you and become your regular customers.

Offering a wide range of products

We need to meet the diverse needs of our customers to reflect our professionalism. For example, we do not only provide luxurious mink eyelashes. We also offer a wide range of Custom Eyelash Packaging.

As an excellent Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box, it is necessary to have good market capturing ability, discover the market trend in time, or actively lead the market development trend. For example, the first popular dollar box and the most popular mobile phone box and lash wood box in the market are the first zhiuz of our company.

Try Our Best To Meet Customer Requirements

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