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How To Get Very Sticky Glue ?

How To Get Very Sticky Glue ?

IPSA is a famous Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA, and we are also the vendor of Eyelash Packaging , Custom Eyelash Packaging. We also have a professional designer team to design your logo for free.Glue is of course indispensable in the eyelash business, and Wholesale Lash Glue is a very important part. We also need to ensure the quality of the glue. Glue is in direct contact with the skin and contains a lot of chemical components, so be sure to choose a glue that protects human skin. I have tested many glues on the market as our products.

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Some glues are very sticky, and they will fall off as soon as the wind blows gently. Some glues are particularly poor in water resistance. Some glues are particularly harmful to human skin. After removing makeup, it will make the skin around the eyes particularly painful. So our products must avoid these problems.

wholesale lash glue

Wholesale Lash Glue

eyelash glue vendor

Eyelash Glue Vendor

Our glue is particularly waterproof and sticky. We also have related tests and certificates. We also consider the damage of glue to human skin, so our glue is zero latex. And our glue can also print your logo, the minimum order quantity is only 20. If you don’t have a logo, we have a professional designer team to design a logo for you for free. Our glue is black and white. Among them, white glue is the strongest and will become transparent after drying.

strip lash glue wholesale

 Strip Lash Glue Wholesale

Wholesale Eyelash Glue

Wholesale Eyelash Glue

Because most of the eyelashes we usually wear are band-shaped eyelashes, and many people like to wear 25mm eyelashes. When we go out, we will inevitably encounter strong winds. Many glues are not strong enough and will easily be blown off after the wind blows. There are still many mothers who are taking care of little babies. The baby will accidentally pull off the mother’s false eyelashes. Also when attending a party, if the eyelashes suddenly fall off, it is very embarrassing. So at this time we need very sticky glue.

eyelash glue manufacturers

Eyelash Glue Manufacturers

lash glue wholesale

lash glue wholesale

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