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How To Choose The Best Human Hair?

How To Choose The Best Human Hair?

Human Virgin Hair Wholesale is the best hair product to increase the length and volume of hair. Likewise, people use braided hair to create a new and natural look for themselves.

However, the hair braiding industry is a huge investment, where we can help you make the best and smartest decision to buy the best human hair strands.

However, before investing in any human hair product, it is important to keep in mind the techniques and factors for choosing the best human hair. Do you know how to choose the best hair? After reading these tips, it will bring you a valuable and awesome experience. It can help you understand how to choose the best one to weave your hair.

First, What Is 100% Wholesale Virgin Hair?

Original hair is 100% unprocessed human hair, usually taken from a donor. It is still a multi-party donation. Remy hair is a term often used in the name of a supplier’s brand.

Remy just means that the cuticles of the hair are all moving in the same direction. This means that the hair bundle you buy will look and work evenly when styling. The weight of your hair tress may vary between hair salons.

A single stretched strand will have at least 50% of the full length of the strand, and the hair length of other parts will be different.

Note: This is an industry standard. The price of double-drawing hair is higher, and the wire harness from the weft to the head should be 100% complete. However, the weight of a good bundle should be between 95 and 100 grams.

Wholesale Hair Vendors

Wholesale Hair Vendors

How To Choose The Best Real Human Hair?

Choose 100% Remy Human Hair

Hair weaves are available in a variety of hair, including synthetic hair, non-Remy hair, and Remy hair. The best Hair Extensions are made with 100% Remy Human Hair, no matter which method you prefer. This is the highest hair quality that you can find on the market and will determine how long your extensions will last and will also look the most natural.

Best Hair Buy Extensions for Your Lifestyle

It is important to consider which hair extension method suits your lifestyle. Hair extensions do require some additional maintenance, but if you wake up five minutes early and have a fabulous hair that is worth it for you, then you are the ideal choice.

If your schedule is too busy to receive hair every day, then clip-on hair extensions may be the right choice for us. In this way, we can break up with us on special occasions or days when we have more time for styling.

Hair Texture

Common sources for sending and receiving include Brazil, Malaysia, Peru and India. Each hair extension type is suitable for all hair types.

Wholesale Brazilian Hair is more suitable for medium-density hair, while Peruvian hair has a finer denier. If the hair texture we choose does not match our natural hair, then our hair extension piece will look unnatural or not blend in with our hair.

Virgin Hair Vendors

Virgin Hair Vendors

Decide on the Length and Occasion

Not every length is suitable for everyone. Therefore, when choosing to send and receive, please sort your priority first. Your comfort plays a major role here.

If you like short hair, do not buy long hair, and vice versa. It is best to clearly understand the desired hair shape and follow the hair when choosing hair.

In addition, make sure you imagine when and where you want to wear the extension. They will stay for a long time, so please keep all occasions in mind.

Perfect Color Match

If you find the most suitable color scheme, then one of the most obvious tips for choosing the best hair extension. If your hair is not one-dimensional, most companies will provide two-color, three-color or even bright-colored hair extensions. The perfect color scheme means that your hair extensions will blend perfectly with your hair and look very natural.

Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

What Type of Hair Fits You?

The easiest and best way to make this decision is to consult your hair stylist. However, this is a short quiz that will provide some useful hints. The description of the hair type will also help your choice.

If you want, the texture of Indian and Brazilian hair is very close to that of African American hair. Peruvian hair is thicker, but slightly smoother. Malaysian hair is the smoothest and silkiest of all textures.

If you want to know more about the 4 hair types, please read this article to learn more.


In short, hair strands are a valuable supplement to hair. They increase the density and appearance, giving you the look you dream of. However, before applying them, make sure you choose the correct option. Look for certified stores to sell hair and products with respected and reputable brands.

Don’t trust anyone’s hair. Include your hair stylist. Go to someone who has expertise in weaving human hair and use your best 100% Remy human hair virgin hair. Also, pay attention to color and texture. They should match your real hair perfectly. Then, determine the desired length and the occasion to braid the hair.

Mink Virgin Hair Bundles Manufacturer

Mink Virgin Hair Bundles Manufacturer

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