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Are Mink Eyelashes Graded?

Are Mink Eyelashes Graded?

When it comes to Wholesale Mink Lashes, everyone seems to think it is luxurious eyelashes. It is customary to think that the quality of mink eyelashes is very high. But in fact, mink eyelashes are also graded. Not all mink eyelashes are handmade. Some eyelashes are machine-made. So the cost is relatively low, and of course the price will be cheaper.

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In terms of production materials, the real luxurious mink eyelashes are made by natural mink hair. The highest grade eyelashes are made from the hair of the mink tail. Because this part of the hair is closest to the structure of human eyelashes. So this kind of mink eyelashes are more comfortable to wear. Coupled with handmade production, a pair of eyelashes can be reused. And it will not break. It can maintain a very good soft state even after repeated use.

 Custom Lash Packaging

Custom Lash Packaging

Eyelash Packaging Box

Eyelash Packaging Box

There are many simulated mink eyelashes. This category of mink eyelashes is the worst quality. They use artificial mink fur. It is very distorted, the texture is hard, and not soft enough. It can only be used 1-2 times. After gentle rubbing, the hair will fall off immediately. So many Eyelash Vendors and Lash Packaging Vendor offer very cheap prices, but they are not real mink fur.

Mink Eyelash Vendors

Mink Eyelash Vendors

Customize Your Own Eyelash Box

Customize Your Own Eyelash Box

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